Wednesday, October 3, 2012

August Catch Up - Part 1

I'm really behind in my blogging about my finds so I'm going to summarize my August finds.

On August 16, I found three coins. The first one was during my morning break. I found a 2007 penny on Adelaide Street in front of a parking lot.  Still on my morning break, a block away from the first find, I found my second penny a 1979 penny on the sidewalk by a tree in front of 257 Adelaide. The third one (1952-2002 penny) was also found during my morning break, as we headed back to the office, on John Street near a tree growing opposite a new condo going up.

On August 17, during my lunch time stroll, I found a 2008 dime near a tree stump on John Street. Also found a 2001 cent near a parking lot during the same stroll.

Total finds: five coins totalling 14¢

Total for the day 3¢
1. Across the street from the lot
4. Tree stump coin
2. Nice entrance
5. Parking lot coin
3. Street-tree housing a cent