Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Work out cent

We had a hint of spring today - sunny, warm, melting snow all around - the calm before the storm which is apparently coming our way. Will winter ever end?
So I went to the gym today. I think I mentioned before that the gym I belong to (GoodLife) is upstairs in my local Loblaw. There's a cafe kind of set up just outside the gym. I climbed the stairs, passed by some tables and just in front of the entrance door was a penny - a 1981 US penny. What's an American penny doing in a Canadian grocery store? I'm sure the girls sitting at the table by the door were wondering what I was taking a photo of  (I had to put my gym stuff on the floor and blocked the door as I took the picture).

Total: one US penny.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Check out

It's been a fattening winter. Seems I've put on a few pounds and I'm not sure what or whom to blame - age, the never ending winter, my husband, etc. In any case, the weight has to go.

I blew the dust off my gym membership and went to work out. It was a good workout (some weights and cardio). The gym I belong to (Goodlife) is upstairs in my local Loblaw, so after my workout, I went grocery shopping-- I needed a few items (milk, bread). When I was paying for my stuff, I spotted a dime (2012) on floor. I had to take a quick picture and snap up the time before the person behind me ran it over with her cart.

Total: 10¢

Monday, March 3, 2014

On the job

 I was talking to a couple of co-workers today about some stuff. I looked down, there, in between
both their desks (and chairs) was a dime. I picked it up and asked if it belonged to either one of them. Both said no so I pocketed it. My lucky find today was a 2011 dime.

Total 10¢

Sunday, March 2, 2014

In the neighbourhood

I take my dog out for a walk every night . We usually walk around the neighbourhood -- I have a route that I like to take. With all 
Can you spot the coin?
the ice everywhere, I've been walking with my head down, being careful not to slip on the ice which can be hard to spot at night.  As I'm walking, looking down, I spot a quarter (2006) at the end of someone's driveway. The end of the driveway was lit by the street light. Some of the grass was exposed thanks to vigorous shovelling (or snow blowing). It was a glint that caught my eye and I spotted the quarter partially buried in some brown grass. And of course, I don't have my camera with me cause I'm not expecting to find anything. I go home, get my camera and come back to take the photo of the exposed coin.

Total: 25¢


During Reading Week, I took the week off work to spend a bit of time with my daughters. One of the days we went to Vaughn Mills. When we were at Fruits and Passion, buying some nice smelly shower gels, I found a 2011 nickel near the cash.

Total 5¢

Family Day weekend

Family Day weekend marked the start of reading week. One of my daughter's goes to Ottawa U. We drove to Ottawa to pick her up, spend the weekend there and enjoy a bit of Winterlude and then bring her home.

I found a couple coins in our hotel room. We stayed in Les Suites-nice room (much like a mini-apartment with a kitchen, dining, living and separate bedroom area) in a central location. Only draw back was the previous occupant had or cooked curry in the place and so when you walk in, that's all I could smell (the smell was not noticeable after a bit). And we couldn't switch rooms cause the place was fully booked. I found a 1980 quarter by a chair in the dining area. Later, I found a 2010 quarter in the bedroom.

We went wandering to check out the ice sculptures. Did a bit of skating on the Rideau Canal. It was frosty but lovely. We also did a bit of shopping (or more like looking). I found a 1975 US dime in Urban Outfitters.

Total: 50¢ and 10¢ US