Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flower Cent

My lunch time adventures are often fruitful.

Today, my lunchtime adventure was Chapters (the one located on the corner of John and Richmond). I was going to wander and window shop on Queen Street but it looked like rain so I opted to hang out at the book store.

I did buy a bargain book. Wanted a couple others but didn't feel like carrying them home. On the way back to the office, I headed south and walked on the east side of John Street. In front of a flower box in front the Jack Astors I found a 2011 penny.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Penny Tuesday

Lunch times seem to be lucky times for me. The weather today was bizarre. Cold, rainy, tiny bit of snow, sun trying to poke through.  It stopped raining at lunch time so I went for a walk. Left my building and headed west on Wellington towards Spadina. I was heading to the Winners on Spadina to window shop.

I was walking on the north side of Wellington. West of Blue Jays Way, I found two pennies in front of this building (see photo on left): a 2007 penny found on the sidewalk and a 1982 US penny found near a grate (see photo on right).

Total for the day 2¢ - 1 Canadian penny and one US penny.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Luck at the grocery store

I had a lot of running around and errand running to do on Saturday. Grocery shopping was one of my pit stops. I actually went to two grocery shops, one for fruits and veges and such and the other for all the other stuff I need.

When I was paying for my groceries, I spotted a $1.01 lying around. You are probably wondering where this odd amount will be just lying around so let me explain. I went to the self check out. There was very people in the self check out where as there was lineups at the ones with real people. Normally, I prefer the regular cash registers with the clerks but I was in a hurry and didn't have too much and since self check out had an empty spot (or two or three), I went there.

I paid for all my groceries and when I was getting my receipt, there was a 2005 loonie and a shiny new 2010 penny in the change dispenser. Someone forgot their change and it had obviously been sitting there for a bit. Since no one else claimed it, I decided to claim it.

Saturday's total: $1.01

Five Cent Friday

I don't always bring a lunch to work. And Friday was such a day. I did some window shopping during and on my way back to the office, I decided I was going to pick up a chicken shwarma. There's a place near my office that make's great falafels and shwarma's. And of course, on a Friday they're busy.

 While I  was waiting for my sandwich, this nickel starts rolling across the floor. Don't know where it came from, no one moved to pick it up so I did. It was a 2008 nickel.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Find

I missed my train this morning. That's what happens when you spend a couple minutes doddling - you miss the train. You watch it leave the station as you're driving in. How sad is that.

Meant I had to hang out that station for 20 minutes. Not very exciting. I read my book which was not such a bad thing. I read it until the next train came.

When I leave Union Station in the mornings, I take this staircase off Station Road (see previous for photo of Station Road) which leads me to Front Street. Then I cross Front street and cut across this parking lot, head north on Simcoe Street and then west on Wellington until I reach my destination.

It was in the parking lot that I found a 2000 dime. Now I'm 10 cents richer.

Monday's Find

It's nice to find coins again. Gives me something write about.

Can you guess where this photo was taken? I'll give you three tries.

The correct answer is...
 this is the roadway that runs between Simcoe and York Street. It's called Station Road.  It's the short cut I take to get to the Go trains. You can't really tell from this picture but many commuters take this roadway to get to the train station. During rush hour, this roadway is packed. And this is the road that I found Monday's penny. It was a 1991 copper found closer to Simcoe than York.

Total: 1¢

Sunday, April 15, 2012


As I mentioned in my previous post, I pondered what effect the federal government's decision to stop producing pennies would have on my blog. Since that entry, street coins have been scarce. None were to be found anywhere. I thought people were hoarding their coins, especially the pennies since they will soon be extinct. I thought this was the end of the "Diary of a Street Coin Collector. I was going to  bid all my faithful reader adieu. 

And then, yesterday I found a couple coins. I needed some stuff a couple of shops in my local plaza. Leaving my car and crossing the parking lot to my first stop, I found a 2009 new looking penny in the parking lot. My second find was by the entrance door to my second stop of the evening. It was a 2009 dime. What a coincidence - both my finds were made in the same year.

Total finds for the day - 11¢.