Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bike coins

Not having found coins for so long, I've gotten out of the blogging habit. And now that I work in the suburbs, lost coins are far and few between. When I do find a coin or two, it takes a few days for the slug in me to get around to write about it.

On Monday (December 9), I took the day off work to write a test for an online course I'm taking. Part of the requirement is we have to write the final at the college. I took the GO train downtown and walked from Union Station to the college. Being the first to write the test, I discovered all the issues. I was sent away (since they couldn't find the test) and asked to return. This gave them time to figure out what happened. 

I walked from the college to my old work location to meet my former workmates for lunch. Enroute I found a salt covered penny (year unknown) on the south side of Front Street, just west of the St. Lawrence Market.

We had lunch at a place called Dazzling - good food, nice selection of lunch specials and not expensive. (I had a spring roll and red curry veges. It also came with a salad-very yummy). And best of all, I got to catch up with my workmates. On my walk back to the college, I found a 2008 quarter near the entrance to the subway on the south west corner of King and Yonge.

As you will note from the pictures, both coins were found near bikes, although one bike has definitely seen better days.

Total 26¢.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Down under

So in yesterday's post, I mentioned how I was housebound for almost two months thereby limiting my ability to find lost coins.

I'm back at work and this post is a wee bit tardy. Part of the reason is getting back into blogging, pre-occupation with an online course I'm taking, and the lost camera cable. I put it in a safe place, a place so safe I couldn't remember where it was. Yesterday, the safe place and the cable were located. I didn't want to blog without accompanying photos - how boring would that be. 

Now back to the lost coins.  I'm back at work as of 3 1/2  weeks ago. There have been some changes in the office and I've been moved to a new workstation. While packing up my belongings, namely the box I rest my feet on, I spotted some coins under my desk. Not sure how long the 2008 dime and 1995 penny were there but there was a sprinkling of dust on them.

Total 11¢

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back from my hiatus

Way back in September I had foot surgery - I had a bunion removed from my right foot. As per doctor's orders - no driving, no working, no gym, no walking for six weeks. This pretty well left me house bound. I ventured to very few places while my foot healed.  I had my weekly visits to see Dr. Nadal, the podiatrist who performed the surgery. He changed the bandages and checked to foot to see how it was healing. No coins found during these visits. I did a lot of hobbling around the house. Not a lot of lost coins in the house.

My daughter, who attends the University of Ottawa, was home for Thanksgiving weekend. We were driving her back (I couldn't drive but went along for the ride). Before the drive back home, we decided to get a bite to eat.  I was dropped off in front of restaurant (couldn't walk far and it was raining and I didn't want to get my bandage wet. It was near the restaurant in the Byward Market that I found a 2007 dime.

A couple weeks later, we went to a friend's cottage in Tiny Township. My ability to walk at this point had improved so we went on a quick walk to the beach. (My walking was kept to a minimum as my foot hurt if I walked too much). My dog had a great time. I let her off leash and let her run. Glad she didn't go in the water. It was there I found a  2010 nickel. The dog was checking something out; I went to get her and spotted the dime on the beach. And no, she wasn't checking out the coin, not sure what she was checking out. 

Total 15¢