Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coins everywhere

My morning was eventful. Caught the train; went to work; did my thing; day ended. I left my building and headed south. I walk with a friend from work - she went to the GO station and continued east on Front Street to my night class. I pass Union Station en route. It's under construction. The sidewalk is plywood as the workers do whatever it is they're doing underground. The front of the station has boards all about.  It was in this construction zone that I found a 2009 dime.

I saw something at Winners on Monday night and wanted to check it out again so I popped in, did a quick walk about stopping at the shoe section to check out the running shoes I'd been eyeing. They didn't have my size so I left empty handed. When I left the store, there's a grate on the sidewalk by the exit door. In that grate I found a 1972 penny.

I'm tired today so I went the Starbucks I usually go in to on school nights and ordered by large Awake tea - one tea bag. Yeah, I know that Starbucks has a different name for their large drinks - whatever. It's a large. After I paid for my tea, I notice three pennies on the ground by the counter so I scooped them up: a 1969 US penny, a 1993 Canadian penny and a 1980 Canadian penny.

Today's grand total: 14 cents.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sitting Pretty

What a lovely day today was. It felt like spring is just around the corner.

Not wanting to waste a beautiful day, I went for a lunch time walk. Actually, I had an errand to run at lunch time and it entailed heading outside and north to Queen Street.

 I did what I needed to do fairly quickly and decided to pop into the Gap and see what they had. I didn't buy anything but  when I left the store, I found a 2005 penny sitting pretty in the sidewalk crack, up against the Gap store wall. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Semi Poopie Monday

It's a semi-poopie Monday cause I was late for work. I did stay in bed a bit longer than intended, but that's not why I was late. I was late cause I couldn't find my car keys. They had fallen out of my coat pocket. I eventually found them on the closet floor. I left and house and was pulling into the GO train parking lot the same time as the train, which meant I'd have to wait til the next train - 15 minutes later.

On the plus side, I got to read Catching Fire - second book of the Hunger Games series. Quite enjoying it.

I also found two pennies today. The first one I found at lunch time. It was on ground at the Petro Canada gas station on Spadina at Clarence Square. The 1962 penny was lying near the gas bar/shop.

The next penny (a 1977 copper). This one I found after work. I was walking to my night class along Front Street and then I headed north on Jarvis and east on King. I was walking on the north side of King and in front of a shop called The Grange was this marvellous find. What makes it marvellous? It was my second coin of the day. That makes for a total of two cents today. Nice way to start the week.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Vampire Pennies

I have a weekly lunch date with a friend.  We met today and went to one of our usual haunts - a local Japanese restaurant where the food to pretty tasty and reasonable.  You know you're a regular when the waitress knows what you want. My friend always has the same thing so she just confirmed he was having his usual. I always have something different. Today I had this spicy sweet chicken. It came with rice, miso soup and a salad - all for 7.95. Not a bad deal

We had our lunch and time for a walk. We headed to BMV - a bookshop on Queen Street. The restaurant is on the north west side of Queen and John. The bookshop is on the north east side of Queen and John. When we were crossing John Street I scooped up a 1993 penny lying in the middle of the cross walk.  When we were leaving the bookshop, I spotted a 1994 right by the outside of the door to the book shop.

My friend claims these pennies were left by vampires who'll come looking for them later. I'll let you know if any vampires show up tonight wanting to claim their lost pennies.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Concourse Cent

On my morning break today, I went wandering the understand with my friend. Neither of us wanted a coffee or tea so we thought we'd window shop in the concourse. There aren't a lot of shops to window shop in which is a good thing since break time is not very long.

In front of the Wind Mobile shop, I picked up a 2007 penny.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coffee Shop Copper

Wednesday, also known as Hump Day was uneventful. Regular day at work. Lunch was great -- my supervisors took us (the team) out for lunch today as a thank you for the successful implementation of a phase one of a very stressful project. We went to an Indian buffet that's close to the office. It was quite good - nice variety of stuff.

Wednesday night is also class night. It's a long day for me so I like to pick up a tea (I'm not a coffee drinker) at Starbucks before my class. Today I went to the Starbucks on the south west corner of King and George. I ordered by tea and notice a penny on the ground by the counter. I scooped it up before anyone else noticed it. The penny was a 2007 Canadian penny.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grocery Store Penny

Today was doctor appointment day. Took my daughter to her appointment in the morning. In the afternoon I took my mother to her appointment. My daughter's doctor makes an appointment and sees her patients pretty close to the appointment time. My mother's doctor, on the other hand, tells you and all his other patients to come at a certain time and then you wait and wait. If you come early, you get seen earlier. Good thing mom and I came early and beat the other 20 people who came after us. There we six people in front of us so we waited about an hour and a half to be seen.

After her appointment, she needed a few things from the grocery store. I stopped in at the shop close to her house. She waited in the car while I ran in and got what she needed. I pass the flower section when I leave and there, on the floor near the potted plants was a very new looking 1952-2002 penny.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Cent Saturday

Yesterday was Saturday. I am the breakfast coordinator of a local writing group (WEN). We have a meeting the third Saturday of every month. Our guest speaker on Saturday was Maureen Jennings, writer of the Murdoch Mysteries. She was fabulous. It's too bad we ran out of time cause she was absolutely delightful. I was also fortunate enough to sit with her during breakfast and we had the opportunity to chat. This was a Saturday I will treasure for a long time.

My husband invited a couple for dinner (acquaintances - he curls with them, our daughter babysits their kids)  After the meeting I rushed to the grocery store to buy some stuff to make for dinner. The bad thing that happened at the grocery store was that someone took my cart in error. I left my cart in a spot to grab a couple baguettes and when I went back to the cart it was gone. That meant I had to start all over again. That also meant I forgot stuff. What I didn't forget thankfully was dessert. I bought this awesome chocolate banana cake. It was soooooo good.   In case you're wondering, I made chicken Kiev, shrimp, roast potatoes, Cesare salad and carrots for dinner. All was yummy and we had a great evening. The wine flowed all night long.

Back to the coin. When I left the grocery store with my goods, there was a 1980 US penny in the parking lot. I put it in my back pocket where it sat safely until I got home and dropped it in my piggy bank.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Copper Tuesday

The pink leather glove is still missing. I've looked high and low. I retraced my steps the day it went missing.  I check the lost and found at work. I check the lost and found at the GO station. I've looked on the street. The glove is gone. Where do these lost articles of clothing go?  Perhaps the lost gloves and socks hang out together.

Today is Wednesday. I forgot to write about this find yesterday. Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I got a beautiful bouquet from my spouse. We didn't didn't got out for dinner. We actually celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday. We went to a fancy schmancy dinner dance at a banquet hall in Woodbridge. I had won this evening out on New Year's Eve. We got dressed up, \ had a nice dinner, did some dancing, and met some nice people. All in all we had a blast. 

Back to my find.  Tuesday morning was uneventful, had a usual day at work and left at my usual time. I was walking to the train station with my friend from work. We left our office building, headed south to Front Street and walked east to the Go station. I found a very shiny, new 2010 penny on the north side of Front Street, east of Simcoe.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The quest for the missing glove continues. I look for it everywhere, hoping that if it fell out of my pocket someone would have rescued it and put it on top of a mail box or newspaper box or something. So far, no luck. I will go back to the GO lost and found and see if it turned out. I'll do that Monday en route to my night class.

This morning I was a bit rushed and didn't have time for my tea before I left the house. When I reached downtown, I thought I'd go to the Starbucks across the street from my office and get a cup of tea before I headed in. I stepped into the Starbucks and started to walk to the back of the coffee shop to join the line but it was too long and if I waited, I risked being late for work so I turned around and headed to the exit door. In front of the counter facing the door I found a 1973 US penny. How appropriate - finding a US penny in a US-based coffee shop.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Semi Wonderful Wednesday

The quest to locate the missing pink leather glove continues. It's not at home and is shouldn't be - I wore it when I left the house and got on my train. I asked my building security guard and they did not find my glove. Today is a night school day so I decided to check the GO lost and found en route to my class since I pass it. And guess what happened. Nope - no glove (but I was told to check back Friday as it take up to three days for something to be turned in). What I did find was 2007 nickel in the Customer Service/Lost and Found room.

When I left the GO station, I headed north on Yonge and then east on Front Street, walking on the south side of the street. About half way between Yonge and Church (just before the Berczy construction site) I found a 2009 penny lying in the dirt by a tree --- another coin trying to plant itself.

I continued heading east on Front til I reached my next destination - the St. Lawrence Library. I like to go there before I head to my class. I do some reading or homework. As I was leaving the library  I spotted a 1998 dime by the door.

Semi-wonderful day - 16 cents found, one glove still missing.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Yes, yesterday was a marvelous day. Today, not so much. I didn't find any coins and I lost a pink leather glove. Where, I don't know. All I know is that I have a very sad and lonely glove that hopes to be reunited with it's mate. Sigh!

Marvelous Monday

The sun was out; the day was quite balmy for a February day. What more could one ask for?

I went out for my usual lunch time stroll - destination Chapters. I was walking north on John Street on the west side of John. This Chapters is on the corner of Richmond and John  (south west corner to be exact). There are trees growing in the sidewalk along John Street. In the summer it looks quite lovely; this time of year, not so much.

Right beside the Chapters (just south of it) is a Milestones Restaurant.  In front of Milestones, in the dirt surrounding the tree was a 1993 dime. I wasn't sure it was a coin until I got closer to it; it was just a little something round that shone in the sunlight. I had to cut in front of a couple of women to scoop it up. Just kidding. There were a couple of women walking behind me but I didn't have to cut in front of them to get to the coin.  It was one quick bend and scoop and then jaunt to Chapters. Although I'm sure these women did wonder what I it was I scooped up so quickly.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Six Cent Wednesday

Today is hump day. I wonder where the term "hump day"originated. Up for discussion another day on another blog.

So today was a lovely day. For mid winter day it was very spring-like unlike Monday which was very snowy and wintry. I did my usual walk about at lunch time. Today my destinations were BMV first and then Chapters. Book stores are great place to go at lunch time. I left my office and headed north west. I was walking north on John Street and just south of Queen Street, on the east side by the Much Music building I found a 1983 penny.

Wednesdays I have a night class. The class went a tad bit later today so I rushed to the bus station and hurried to the bus stop - didn't want to miss it. As I was about to board the bus, I noticed a nickel - a 2007 nickel that I quickly scooped up and plopped in my pocket.  That makes a total of six cents today.