Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Theatre Cent

Tuesday nights I have a night school class. I power walk to the bus station so as not to miss my bus.

I head south Front Street and then head east to Yonge Street and south again to the bus station. I pass the Sony Centre on my way to the bus station. Tonight, I spotted a 2006 penny on the road in front of the theatre.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Three Coins in the Coffee Shop

I usually find coins during my lunch time walk. Today, morning break was my lucky time.

A couple co-workers and I went to one of the many coffee shops in the area. I didn't get anything. I just went along for the walk. It was in the shop I found three pennies: a 1982, 2010 and 2011 penny. 
Three cents - not a bad morning. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sushi Cents

I hate the restaurant crowds on Mother's Day. You can't really enjoy your meal as restauranteurs want ot rush you out so they can quickly get in the next round of eaters. We decided to celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday instead. We went to a local sushi buffet place called Kanda Sushi. Our reservations were early,  the place wasn't busy and we weren't rushed through our meal.  Food was great, cocktails were plentiful and company was enjoyable.

After our never ending meal, en route to my car, a 2008 nickel was spotted. I quickly scooped it up before any of my family members could grab it. I didn't have my camera with me but my sister-in-law snapped a photo for me with her phone. If she remembers to e-mail to me, I'll post the pic.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

All cracked up

Another lunch time adventure, another penny to be found.

Today, I had a lunch date with three work friends. We went to this fabulous little Chinese place on Spadina called Dumpling House and had a bunch of tasty food - General Tso chicken, Singapore noodles and two dumpling dishes. The nice thing about these sharing dishes is you get to try a bunch of different foods. All had their own unique flavour.

We take the back streets back to the office - seems to cut a bit of time off our walk. We were on the north part of John Street (north of Queen) when I spotted the 1867-1992 penny, on the street, surrounded by cracks in the road.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two for Tuesday

My lunch time walks are often fruitful. My destination was window shopping/browsing at Winners. I left my building and headed east on Wellington towards Spadina. I was walking on the north side of the street  and in front of this apartment building I found a 1987 penny.

Just around the corner from the Winners is a Petro Canada station. I often cut across this station as a short cut to the Winners. It was here that I found my second find of the day - 1998 penny.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cash Line Penny

Saturday was running around day. I hate that. My whole day passes and I've feel like I've accomplished nothing. I needed a few groceries and while I was unloading my stuff for the cashier to tally, I looked down and noticed a shiny new 2003 penny which I quickly scooped up and put in my pocket.

Health and Safety Penny

Friday, I went to a Health and Safety Recognition event. It was a nice day where people where recognized for all they do to make their work environment safer. Awards were handed, speeches were said. They even had a motivational speaker at the event. I also got to see some old work mates.

The event was held at a centre in the Don Mills and Eglinton area - far from where I normally work and far from where I live. I parked my car in this public parking lot. Near the ticket machine, I spotted a worn penny - looks like the penny had a rough winter - too hard to make out it's year.

Total finds: 1¢.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Office Cent

This is a photo of today's find - a 2007 penny. Guess where this picture was taken. Whoever guessed in an office was correct. How do you like the carpeting in my office? 

This penny was found by one of my workmate's work station. 

Some days I have lots to say. Today, not so much. 

Total find for today - 1¢

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

By the curb

Coins are scarce. Finally spotted one today.

At work, May is Activity Month. All that means is that everyone is encouraged to get active. At the end of the month, the office with the most points gets a prize - box of granola bars or stress balls or something equally exciting.

To get staff motivated, the activity organizers in my office divided us into two teams (The Warriors and the the Fighters)  - 16 people each. The other team got headbands so my team decided we needed something too. During morning break, I went to the dollar store with a team/workmate looking for a bandana or something to represent my team, the "Warriors." No luck. We left the story empty handed.

On the way to the office, by the curb in front of the Tiff-Lighthouse, I spotted a 2001 US penny.

In case your wondering, we made warrior signs using clip art photos of viking warriors. And we won most of the activity challenges today. Hope we can keep it up all month.

Total coins today US 1¢