Sunday, March 24, 2013

From Far Away

I actually found this coin on Friday (March 21) just didn't have time to write about it til now.
Can you spot the coin peaking out?

Friday, a coworker and I went for a lunchtime walk. My youngest daughter will be going to her prom this year so my coworker and I went out scouting for dresses. We left our office building, headed to John Street and then went north on John. There's a lot of construction going on in the area - lots of condos going up. There's one going up on the corner of Adelaide and John.

Under the billboard surrounding the area where a condo is going up I found an interesting coin. The copper was quite tarnished so I tried cleaning it to so that the coin details could be made out. The coin is octogonal and I could tell the writing on it was Arabic. One of my work friends can read in Arabic. He helped decipher the coin's origins. My find is a 1998 cent from the United Arab Emirates.

Total: 1¢ United Arab Emirates
The Coin

Monday, March 18, 2013

Near the Corner Gas

Seems I cursed the weather. Yesterday I posted  a couple of photos of some plants in my front and rear gardens breaking through the ground, getting ready to sprout and bloom. Today we're getting winds, snow and freezing rain. The horrid weather was to begin at noon but it didn't actually start til about 5 so the commute home was ok. It also meant I could enjoy my usual lunch time stroll.

I decided to go window shopping to Winners during my lunch hour. En route to the store, I pass a Petro Canada gas station. This gas station is on the corner of Spadina and Clarence Square. This is a pretty lucky gas station for me as I find coins near it every now and then. Today's find was near a tree growing on the Spadina side of the station. It's a little worn so I was not able to make out the year but it is Canadian.

Total today - 1¢

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's a Roll

So long
I didn't find any coins today but earlier in the week my "Farewell" roll of Canadian pennies arrived. I felt it fitting to order these pennies and write about them even though they are not street coins. Had they been allowed to go into circulation, at least one of the pennies in the roll may have wound up as a street coin waiting to be found by me.

Also wanted to share these two photos even though they have nothing to do with coins. I was very excited to see some colour in my garden. My crocuses and tulips are starting to come up so spring is definitely around the corner.
Crocuses in the front yard
Tulips in the back

Friday, March 15, 2013

Home Base

Canadian Find
Friday at last and I'm back at my home base. It's been a long haul and feels good to be back. It was nice to see my workmates again, although many are off for March Break.

I buy goodies for the snack bar. A couple of my work friends had emailed me when I was at the offsite locations asking when I'd be back as the snack bar was down to the bare bones. So last night I went to Costco and bought a bunch of stuff (vege chips, chocolate, etc) to replenish the bar. Since I had all this stuff, I decided to drive to work today. I didn't want to lug it all on the train. I drove to my usual outdoor parking lot (one of the few remaining outdoor lots), exchanged pleasantries with the parking lot attendant and parked my car. I grabbed some of the stuff (two trips are needed to bring all the goodies in) and headed to the office.

I was walking on Wellington (north side) just east of Peter near the convenience store when I found my first find of the day - a 1998 penny.

Later, I was having lunch with a couple of my work friends. We went to this nice Thai place in King Street called Dazzling. We each a different lunch special and it was all good.  On the way back to the office, on King Street, just east of John near Metro Hall, I found my second find of the day - a very oxidized US penny. It is so green, it's impossible to make out what year it is.
US Find

Total for today - 1¢ US, 1¢ Canadian

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Going Downtown

This is my last week of providing onsite support. This makes me very happy. As nice as it is meeting new people and helping staff with this new application, it's exhausting. I'll be glad to be back at my home base Friday where I'm scheduled to receive training for some initiative or other. I think I know what this training is about  - blah is all I have to say about it. Hope it's quick and I don't tune out.

I am downtown this week. Today, I went on morning break with a co-worker from my home base. I'll call her JB. We are both providing support at this office; she's on one floor and I'm on another and seems we needed some extra caffeine today (her a coffee and me a strong tea). We went for a brisk walk to a Starbucks located on Church Street (south of Wellesley on the east side). En route I found a slightly oxidized 2010 penny.

Today's total 1¢.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Going North East

Somewhere on Lawrence
This snow is making finding coins difficult (even though a lot of the snow has melted and turned ice-like). Last week, when I was working in the north end of the city, I snapped this photo of some very pretty snow covered trees.

This week, I am working in the north east part of the city. This is a bit a stressor for me since I live in the south west part of the city. I always lived west of Yonge Street so east of Yonge is relatively foreign land to me. Thank goodness the office tower is off the 401 and pretty easy to get to, and I only have to spend one week there. The people that work in this office are pretty nice too so that makes my job easier as well. 

Do you see the dime on the carpet?
I'm with my friend and work mate LS at this office. She gets to help the staff on one floor while I help others on a different floor. Today we met for a short lunch break which was very fruitful for me. I found a 2009 dime in the lobby of the building. Nice to find something after this dry spell.

Total find 10¢.