Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013

Looking a little rough
With this entry I will be all caught up with my finds. Between January 4 and 24 I found a few pennies at various locations on King Street, Queen Street, Front Street and Wellington. The finds were as follows: two 2010 pennies,  one from each of the following years: 1987, 1867-1992, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2006. I also found two American pennies, year unknown due to their poor condition.

Penny arcade?
On January 29, I drove to work. I parked my car in the usual outdoor parking lot. Day was rainy and miserable. On the way back to the car at the end of the work day, I spotted a coin in a puddle. I pulled off my gloves and plunked it out. Turns out it wasn't a Canadian or American coin but an arcade token with "no cash value".

January 31, last day of the month. So yesterday, the temperature was in the teens, today it dropped to below zero, causing some flash freezing and driving mayhem. I had to take my mother to a doctor's appointment today (which happened to be at a hospital) and had to drive in the mess. Anyway, in the parking lot of the hospital I found a 1979 penny tucked in the corner by the door.
Do you see it in the corner?

Total finds in January: 10¢ Canadian, 2¢ US and one arcade token. 

December Summary

In the month of December I found six pennies, one nickel and two dimes and one US penny. December is also the month my camera died so my pictures this month are scarce. I must have been a good girl though as Santa brought me a new camera for Christmas.

7th:1981 penny in the GO parking lot (in the morning on my way in to work)

10th: 1952-2002 dime was found during my morning break in front of the door that leads in to my office tower.

11th: 2004 US penny in front of Senses restaurant on Wellington as well as 1985, 1990, 1979 pennies found in front of Drama Queen (shop on Queen S, west of John)

12th:1976 dime, NW corner of Beverley and Queen

14th: 1984 penny on North of Queen Street, East of John and a 1968 nickel SE corner of Peter and Richmond

20th: a shiny, brand new 2011 penny on N side of Queen, West of John on front of “Black Market Shop” at the base of a tree

TOTAL: 31¢ Canadian and 1¢ US

Monday, January 28, 2013

November Summary

As the temperature drops, seems that lost coins become scarcer. In November I found 7 pennies and 2 dimes.
Mercer Street; can you spot the parking lot?

2nd: 1993 penny – King and John near the hot dog cart

5th: 1994 penny on north side of Mercer Street near the parking lot

12th:  1976, 1991, 1985 pennies found during lunchtime walk in front of the store on the corner of Wellington and Blue Jays Way near the Lottery sign

13th: 1984 penny in David Pecault Square when I was returning to the office from my usual lunch time stroll

22nd: 1979 penny near parking lot at NE corner of Simcoe and Front

Can you spot the three lucky pennies?
28th: 2009 dime on Simcoe Street, N of Front, S side of Wellington on the street, west side of RBC and a 1980 penny on King between Spadaina and Blue Jays Wes on S side of street across from Timothy’s

30th: 2012 dime on King near the south side of Metro Hall

TOTAL finds:  27¢ total

Saturday, January 26, 2013

October Summary

Work cent
October was a very prosperous and a very photographic month. I found 2US pennies, 15 Canadian pennies, 4 dimes, 5 nickels

2nd: 2003 penny (a shiny new-looking penny) found in front of MH (King Street side entrance) during my afternoon break walk.

4th: 2009 dime in Starbucks on Wellington (found on my way in to work).
Going to the Dumpling House

12th: 1984 penny at the office near a coat rack and a 1965 penny found during my lunchtime walk, at the Petro Canada Station on the corner of Clarence Square and Spadina.

15th: 1977 penny found on the corner of John and King (on south side of King, just east of John) during my lunch break.
Need some gas?

16th: 1972 penny found on John Street, on west side just north of King and a 2008 penny on John Street, north of King, south of Richmond near Naz’s Falafel House.

Halloween Shopping
17th: 1987 US penny, walk on back street that lead to union station.

19th: 2009 dime found at the end of day, at Union Station by entrance to track

21st: 2008 nickel, 1959 penny, 1975 penny, 1995 penny found just outside the Amazing Party and Costume Market Store (while shopping for Halloween costumes)

Window Shopping
22nd: 2005 dime on Dundas, north side, east of Spadina (lunch time walk en route to Dumpling House)

23rd: 2006 penny on Queen Street, N side in front of John Fleuval shoe store

25th: 1990 US penny John and Adelaide, 1999  penny Queen street near Zara, 1993 penny on Queen and John (NE corner),  2011 and
1985 nickel Queen near the H&M.

Glass Walkway
26th: 2000 penny at the Petro Canada Station corner of Spadina and Clarence Square

30th: 2005 dime and 2010 penny found in the food court near the pizza place (foodies get funny when you take photos near their stands) and a 1983 penny found in the indoor walkway bet
ween MetroCentre and Roy Thompson Hall    
Food Court

Total for the month: 70¢ Canadian, 2¢ US

September Summary

In the month of September I found 2 US pennies, 4 Canadian pennies, 2 dimes, one quarter 
Dixie Road find

1st : Two pennies on Dixie (east side near light post) walking home from a morning hair appointment. Both pennies had seen better days and the years are hard to decipher.

4th: Two dimes 2012 and 1952-2002 in the Starbucks off of Wellington, on my way in to work in the morning, by the coffee counter

11th: 2009 very new looking US penny by a motorcycle  (parked on King St.)

14th:  2008 quarter, In the morning at the Dixie GO station just by the entrance to the train platform
Wellington Starbucks

20th: 1982 US penny in Spadina and King Winners during lunch break

21st: 1986 penny was found by a tree in front of 192 Spadina

23rd: 2009 penny (a shiny new-looking penny), in Hamilton. I had driven my daughter (a Mac student) back to the university and decided I needed a tea for my commute home and found the coin near the Starbucks.

25th: 1985 penny on the NW corner of King and Spadina near the bus stop.
Bus stop

Total finds: 49¢ Canadian, 2¢ US

August Catch Up Part 2

On August 20, I found a 1981 penny in the Costco Parking lot. No photo of this exciting find as my camera was at home.

On August 21 during my morning break stroll, I spotted a 1972 penny stuck in some tar on the road. I took the photo but neglected to write where I found it. I believe it was somewhere on Wellington.

On August 23, I found a 2008 penny during my morning break in David  Pecaut Square, at the farmer's market.

Bus shelter - what is that ad?
On August 24, I found two cents. They were both found during my lunch time walk. The first was a 1976 penny on King Street, east of Blue Jays Way near a bus Shelter. The second (a 1970 penny) was on Peter Street, south of Adelaide, north of King on the west side of the street. I crossed the street to take a picture of the front of the building the coin was found.

On of the many stops on my Saturday, August 25 errand day was the beer store. In the parking lot near the beer store at my local plaza, I found a 1994 US penny.

August 28 I found a 1993 dime during my lunch time stroll in David Pecaut Square near the office building where I work.

On August 30, I found a brand spankin' new 2012 US penny at my Go station near the platform entrance.

On August 31, in the morning on my way in to work found two pennies: 1961 US penny on Front Street in front of Joe Badalis and a 2001 US penny on Wellington in front of the entrance to the Metro Centre underground parking lot