Sunday, September 15, 2013

Event-Full Day

Saturday was a sunny, crisp, mid-September Day and I had it filled with activities.

In the morning, I took my mom to a local farmer's market. We walked around a bit and bought some fresh veges and some fruit from local farmers. The prices at the market aren't cheaper than what the grocery store charges, but you know that what you're buying was just picked and you're supporting local growers.

I found a 2010 quarter near a melon stand. It was under the container holding watermelons. In case you're wondering, I did not buy any melons.

I found a 1968 nickel near a vege stand. I did buy a mix of green and yellow beans and they were yummy.

Later, my husband and I went to two local festivals. We went to the Polish Festival first. I didn't find any coins there but I did enjoy some pierogies, samosas, Polish desserts and other goodies. I also enjoyed the Elvis impersonator, busters juggling, the local musicians, the Polish dancers and musicians and the band Brathanki, who travelled all the way from Poland and performed at this event.

After fun and frolic at this event, we went to the Ukrainian Festival. It was also a hub of activity with merchants selling all kinds of stuff including Ukrainian style clothes. We missed the Ukrainian dancers but we did catch a Ukrainian band playing on the main stage. I didn't catch their name but they were great! We also caught a top notch Irish type band performing. I found a 2004 dime in front of a deflating carnival treat blow-up tent.

Total find: one nickel, one dime, and one quarter for a total of 40¢

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grocery Coins

I work in the suburbs now. There are pluses and minuses to this - being able to run errands is one of the pluses. Since I was away for the long weekend, there wasn't much in the fridge for lunch making. I decided to go to the grocery store (a Fortinos) that's about a seven minute drive from my office. Thought I would pick up some groceries and check out their deli department for a possible lunch.

I passed their flower department enroute to the deli department. Near the orchids I spotted a nickel (a 2012). This deli department has lots of goodies to chose from - salads, sandwiches, wraps, soups and an assortment of other goodies. After paying for my lunch (a grilled vege panini), I spotted a 2004 by the deli window.

Total find: 15¢

Monday, September 2, 2013

University Bound

Shoppers Doorway
Labour Day weekend. The last long weekend of the summer. My daughter is starting her first year at the University of Ottawa. We drove out to Ottawa with a car packed to the brim with her stuff. We left Friday morning. Her check in time was Saturday morning and leaving 4 am to make it for the 9 am check was not appealing, so we left Friday. We made it to Ottawa in good time, checked into our hotel and went wandering around the city, checking out some of the sites and buying last minute necessities.

One of our stops was the Rideau Centre. We went to the Shoppers Drug Mart at the mall to get stuff like toothpaste and vitamins. When we were leaving, I found a 2011 dime by the exit door. Later, we went to the Byward Market. Wouldn't you know it that it started raining. Good thing we brought umbrellas. In front of the drug store on the corner of Clarence and Dalhousie, I found a US penny. Both of these coins were found on August 30. And how coincidental they were both found by drug stores.
Byward drug store

Total find: 11¢ - 10¢ Canadian and 1¢ US.