Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Four in one

 7:45ish am seems to be a lucky time for me as I find many of the lost coins on my way into work. Today was an especially lucky coin finding day. En route to the office, on the sidewalk in front of 156 Front Street, I found four pennies near a lamp post (I think) by a discard box. They were all of different years: 1950, 1974,1999, and 1952-2002.

One day I'll remember to start carrying a camera with me everywhere I go so I can take a picture of the coins in their "found" location.  Then I'll have to remember to upload and post those pictures. I do a camera on my cell phone but it takes lousy pictures and I still haven't figured out how to upload the pictures saved on my camera. One day. Soon. I hope.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coin find catch up Part II

Don't know what happens. I always intend to write about my coin finds the day they happen but lately it seems, I don't have the time and then I have to catch up. I do jot notes as to where I find them. That keeps me somewhat organized.

November 17 (Thursday) started as a routine day - got up, did my morning thing, got to the train station (no running for the train which was nice) and got off at my stop. On my walk from the train station to work, at 7:45 am,  I found a 1952-2002 penny on Front Street in front of the Canyon Creek Chop House. Ok. It wasn't on the street but on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. Some man walking behind me make a comment about my lucky find - something about it being my lucky day since I found the penny. And I guess it was, cause I'm up one penny.

On this day, I was getting an award as a team member of project that was nominated and won and teamwork IT award. After the ceremony, a couple of my teammates and I went to a local pub for a celebratory drink and snack. We left the pub and went our separate ways. I went to my night class. I took a different route this time (it's good to change things up once in a while). I decided to walk to Church Street and go south. On the sidewalk in front of 65 Church street (the office to St. James Cathedral) I found a 2007 quarter.

And then today - Sunday, I had a few errands to run. My daughter is going to a semi and needed some fancy shoes. She found a pair that she liked at Payless but the one she went to didn't have her size so I promised I would take her shopping today. We went to a different Payless and she tried the shoes on but didn't like the way they looked on, so we went to a Shoe Company (which happened to be in the same shopping area). We were crossing the road to the to the Shoe Company when I spotted a 2009 dime. I nearly got myself killed picking up the stupid coin up as it was in the middle of the road between two parking areas. The things I do to collect these coins. Anyway, my find is a little worn around the edges, I guess from all the cars that have run over it. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coin find catch up

It's been weeks since I last wrote anything. Street coins are scarce. And then I get lucky and find 12 cents in four days.

Wednesday morning I parked my car at it's usual location at the Go station. Not always the same spot but the same general area. Nothing exciting about that. Just another routine day. And I didn't have to run for the train which was nice - got there in plenty of time. Went to work, did my thing, took the evening train home. Strolled to my car and that's when it got exciting. There was a 2011 dime right beside my car. It was lying in wait by the driver's door. Why the excitement? Well, the dime wasn't there in the morning yet it magically appeared at home time.

Friday night I had to take my mother to emergency. Nothing serious. The staff at this hospital were great. We were there for many hours which was the drawback but at the end of it all, they sent her home with stuff that would help with what ailed her.  When they discharged her, I left her waiting by the door while I went to get my car and there under the covered emergency entrance was a very battered penny, year unknown as it was hard to make out. It had definitely seen better days; it was no longer round as some of the edges were missing, and it looked like it have been run over many many times (and it probably was by ambulances, cars and stretchers).

Today (Sunday) I went to my favourite deli to get some European bread, deli meats, and other treats. As my stuff was being run through the cash I noticed a penny on the ground - a 1998 penny. Considering it's age, it was still pretty shiny.