Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shopping Adventures

Saturday morning, we decided to go for a drive. We wound up crossing the boarder and ended up at the outlet mall. Seems many had the same idea. You wouldn't know we were in the States with all the Ontario license plates in the packed mall parking lot. We don't often go cross boarder shopping - once every couple of years. For the most part, I don't find the prices much lower than sale stuff here. Once in a while you get a really good bargain or you find stuff you can't get here.
Found in the USA

On the drive home, we stopped at Duty Free - not to buy anything but get a beverage at the Tim Hortons attached. There was an ATM near the door to the Duty Free. It was beside this ATM that I found a US dime.

Total 10¢ US

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Ex

Yesterday, I went to the Ex - my yearly excursion. (For those who aren't familiar with the Ex, it is also known as the Canadian National Exhibition, and is an annual Toronto that features a midway filled with games and rides, exhibitors, retailers, animals and assorted entertainment that includes live music, buskers, etc.). I enjoyed it all: the Super Dogs show, the buskers, the music, the merchants and of course the food - the ice cream waffles, pogos, the mini donuts and other goodies. It's my yearly junk food fill. And although a number of people got food poisoning there the other day, I did not.

When walking towards one of the buildings,  I found a 2012 loonie between the bingo game and the ice cream waffle place.

We continued strolling around the fairgrounds. In the mid-way, near the bumper cars, I found another 40¢: 2007 quarter, 2008 dime and a 2012 nickel.

Total find: $1.40

Waffle anyone?
A car ride?

There is a farm on the fairgrounds. There were a couple litters of piggies. One litter was born August 13, the other August 14. It's fun watching these babies crawl all over each other and their mom. Some fall asleep as they eat, some like to crawl on top of their siblings before they pass out. Here's a few photos of the piggies and one of a very sleep calf.
The litter
A close up

Sleepy head?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Parking lot

Recently, I started working at a new location (same company, just moved from downtown to the burbs). I'm closer to home now, which is nice but there isn't much around the office, unless you go for a drive.

The weather has been fabulous so I decided to for a walk in the area- just to see what's around. When I was walking out of the parking lot, I spotted a penny (1952-2002). It looked a little worn.

Total 1¢
An industrial neighbourhood

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Burgers anyone?

On our drive home from cottage country, my husband wanted to stop off and grab a burger from Webers - a semi-famous burger place on highway 11 near Orillia. For those that are unfamiliar with this place, it is on the northbound side of the highway but there is a bridge that connects it to a parking lot on the southbound side so whether you're going to the cottage or heading home, you can get to the place and not get yourself killed.

I decided to wait in/by the car with the dog, while he crossed the bridge to get food. I was walking poochie to a grassy area so she could do her business when I spotted a dime (1989) in the gravel in the parking lot.

Hubby came back rather quickly - said the line up was too long and he didn't feel like waiting so we got in the car and continued our trek home.

Total 10¢

Cottage Country

Summer vacation time. Not that we've gone somewhere far and away but it's a vacation away from work so that's a good thing.

We got invited to a friend's cottage for a few days. They have a cottage on an amazing piece of land in Haliburton on Big Hawk Lake.  They have about 200 feet of lake frontage and the sun beams down on their property all day. Can't ask for better than that. I decided to be brave, slip into my bathing suit and go for a dip. I was acclimatizing myself to the "refreshing" water when I noticed a couple of coins in the water - a 2004 nickel and a 1999 dime.  (15¢ total)

If you look carefully at the photo, you can see a little fishy and just below the fish, slightly to the left, you can see the nickel. I had a photo of the dime but due to the sun's reflection, it was really hard to see.