Monday, June 3, 2013

At Last

Station Road
 It's been a couple weeks since I found anything. I thought my coin finding days were over. Lost coins were scarce. None were to be found anywhere until today. Was that because people were ok with losing a penny but not ok with losing a higher currency or are people less likely to pick up a penny?

My first find today was found at the end of the work day near the Station Road entrance to the GO station. It was a 2000 quarter. The road was still a little wet from all the rain we've been having.

Plaza coin
My younger daughter has her prom later this month. We bought a lovely dress that needs minor alterations. There was a call on our answering machine from the dress shop asking her to come to the shop and try on the dress, so we went. Alternation not acceptable - this minor fix has been screwed up so now they need to fix it. Good thing prom is a little over two weeks away. When we were leaving the shop and going to the car, I found the second find of the day (a 2007 nickel). It was on the bottom level of the plaza near the parking area.

Today's total 30¢