Thursday, September 20, 2012

The slug returns

Leopard Slug

I have become a slug, just like this three inch leopard slug I found in my backyard. Seems I went on vacation and am still in vacation mode but it's time to catch up before my coin notes get unmanageable.

Gabby's Patio
Today I found four pennies. The first two I found during my lunch. The first at the beginning of my lunchtime walk. This 1986 US penny was found near a parking lot on Peter Street, north of King but south of Adelaide. 

The second penny I found on my back to the office. It was a 1978 penny was lying in wait on the sidewalk in front of Gabby's patio on King Street (just west of John Street).

Peter Street lot
My daughter has a part time job at the local mall. I picked her up and needed to stop by the plaza to get some milk. Since the grocery store was closed by the time she was done, I popped into the Shoppers Drug Mart. On my way to the store, I found two pennies in the parking lot, a 2005 penny and a 1978 penny.

Total for today: 4¢

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yesterday and Today

At the end of the workday yesterday (September 11), I found a 1973 penny in front of a motorcycle that was parked near the back entrance to the Go Train tracks.  Made my work friend stop so I could snap the photo of the coin.

Today (September 12), I found two cents. The first one was in the morning in the Go station parking lot. I spotted it when I was walking from my car to the platform. Year of this coin is 2009

The second cent (a 1979) was found during my morning break. I was taking a walk about with two work friends. We were cutting across a grassy area in David Pecaut Square. 

Renovation Surprise

Currently, my house is a disaster zone. We've been talking about renovating the kitchen for a while and we're finally doing it. The project began in August - garbage bin delivered, destruction begun. The cupboards are gone, two layers of floor removed, drywall is gone. (Hopefully, the reno will be done by Christmas).

Technically I didn't discover this find but since it's my house and one of my family members found it, I'm going to count it. The discovery was made When the floor layers were removed, 68 cents were found. There were two quarters: 1971 and 1972, two nickels: 1964 and 1971 and six pennies: one US penny 1993, five Canadian pennies: 1964, 1867-1967, 1970, 1971, and 1972.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vacation Catch Up, Part 4

So I'm all over the place with  my August blogs. I intended to be all caught up by now but the slug disease took over and I just couldn't get into the blog of things. But I decided that today was catch up today, even it meant no sleep. (Good thing I keep notes and take photos of my finds.)

So, way back, on August 4th (a Saturday), when we were still on vacation, wandering around the streets in Old Quebec City I found some coins I couldn't pick up. From the first to the fifth of August was Les Fetes de la Nouvelle-France. This festival is a celebration of the first European settlers (in the 1600s) in Quebec. The locals dress in period garb and there are many activities all about - skits, vendors, stuff for little kids to do and so much more.
Stuck coins

Random people on the street
Walking down one of the streets in Old QC, I spotted a $1.25 on the street. I thought I had struck it rich but when I went to pick up the coins, I found they were stuck to the ground. Wonder how many of the people around me also tried to pick up these coins.

Earlier in the day, when we were walking along the Grand Allee, I found a 2006 dime in front of the Aux Yieu restaurant.

FYI, the evening ended with a fire works display - a perfect ending to a perfect day.

My total finds for the day - 10¢ I could keep and $1.25 forever imbedded in the streets of Quebec City.