Wednesday, October 3, 2012

August Catch Up - Part 1

I'm really behind in my blogging about my finds so I'm going to summarize my August finds.

On August 16, I found three coins. The first one was during my morning break. I found a 2007 penny on Adelaide Street in front of a parking lot.  Still on my morning break, a block away from the first find, I found my second penny a 1979 penny on the sidewalk by a tree in front of 257 Adelaide. The third one (1952-2002 penny) was also found during my morning break, as we headed back to the office, on John Street near a tree growing opposite a new condo going up.

On August 17, during my lunch time stroll, I found a 2008 dime near a tree stump on John Street. Also found a 2001 cent near a parking lot during the same stroll.

Total finds: five coins totalling 14¢

Total for the day 3¢
1. Across the street from the lot
4. Tree stump coin
2. Nice entrance
5. Parking lot coin
3. Street-tree housing a cent

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The slug returns

Leopard Slug

I have become a slug, just like this three inch leopard slug I found in my backyard. Seems I went on vacation and am still in vacation mode but it's time to catch up before my coin notes get unmanageable.

Gabby's Patio
Today I found four pennies. The first two I found during my lunch. The first at the beginning of my lunchtime walk. This 1986 US penny was found near a parking lot on Peter Street, north of King but south of Adelaide. 

The second penny I found on my back to the office. It was a 1978 penny was lying in wait on the sidewalk in front of Gabby's patio on King Street (just west of John Street).

Peter Street lot
My daughter has a part time job at the local mall. I picked her up and needed to stop by the plaza to get some milk. Since the grocery store was closed by the time she was done, I popped into the Shoppers Drug Mart. On my way to the store, I found two pennies in the parking lot, a 2005 penny and a 1978 penny.

Total for today: 4¢

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yesterday and Today

At the end of the workday yesterday (September 11), I found a 1973 penny in front of a motorcycle that was parked near the back entrance to the Go Train tracks.  Made my work friend stop so I could snap the photo of the coin.

Today (September 12), I found two cents. The first one was in the morning in the Go station parking lot. I spotted it when I was walking from my car to the platform. Year of this coin is 2009

The second cent (a 1979) was found during my morning break. I was taking a walk about with two work friends. We were cutting across a grassy area in David Pecaut Square. 

Renovation Surprise

Currently, my house is a disaster zone. We've been talking about renovating the kitchen for a while and we're finally doing it. The project began in August - garbage bin delivered, destruction begun. The cupboards are gone, two layers of floor removed, drywall is gone. (Hopefully, the reno will be done by Christmas).

Technically I didn't discover this find but since it's my house and one of my family members found it, I'm going to count it. The discovery was made When the floor layers were removed, 68 cents were found. There were two quarters: 1971 and 1972, two nickels: 1964 and 1971 and six pennies: one US penny 1993, five Canadian pennies: 1964, 1867-1967, 1970, 1971, and 1972.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vacation Catch Up, Part 4

So I'm all over the place with  my August blogs. I intended to be all caught up by now but the slug disease took over and I just couldn't get into the blog of things. But I decided that today was catch up today, even it meant no sleep. (Good thing I keep notes and take photos of my finds.)

So, way back, on August 4th (a Saturday), when we were still on vacation, wandering around the streets in Old Quebec City I found some coins I couldn't pick up. From the first to the fifth of August was Les Fetes de la Nouvelle-France. This festival is a celebration of the first European settlers (in the 1600s) in Quebec. The locals dress in period garb and there are many activities all about - skits, vendors, stuff for little kids to do and so much more.
Stuck coins

Random people on the street
Walking down one of the streets in Old QC, I spotted a $1.25 on the street. I thought I had struck it rich but when I went to pick up the coins, I found they were stuck to the ground. Wonder how many of the people around me also tried to pick up these coins.

Earlier in the day, when we were walking along the Grand Allee, I found a 2006 dime in front of the Aux Yieu restaurant.

FYI, the evening ended with a fire works display - a perfect ending to a perfect day.

My total finds for the day - 10¢ I could keep and $1.25 forever imbedded in the streets of Quebec City.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two Penny Thursday

I still haven't finished blogging about my vacation finds but I found a couple coins today so I decided that rather than fall even further behind in catching up I would blog about today's finds today and catch up with the backlog tomorrow or the day after.

Every Thursday, from May to October, there is "Indulge (Your Senses)": a farmer's market and take out food in David Pecaut Square. Between noon and two, there's live entertainment on the stage. During my morning break today, a couple co-workers and I decided to take a walk around the square. Actually, two of us walked, the third ran to get her caffeine fix. Two of us finished our walk about and waited for the third near the sound man's setup area. The sound man wasn't there but a 2010 penny was near a light post by the area.

Later in the evening, I had a few errands to run. In the plaza in the area that I live, I found a 1999 penny in the parking lot in front of the Dollarama.

Total finds today: 2¢

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let's go to the Ex

Guess where I went today? If guessed the Ex, you were right. I love the Ex; there is so much good junk food like ice cream waffles, freshly made pogos and the little donuts.

I met my husband there after work cause it's $5 to get in after 5. We saw the Super Dog show. I love the Super Dog show. The dogs that perform are amazing. Before the show we had time to kill so we were wandering around the Direct Energy Building looking and good stuff, interesting stuff but mostly lots of junk. But one man's junk is another man's treasure. Not to far from the Egypt booth, I found my first find of the evening - a 2000 dime.

Later on I found four pennies in and around the midway. The midway was busy with lots of rides and music and people and noise - just like it was when I was younger. The first penny, a 1977 US penny was found  in the midway near the bumper cars. The second penny, a 1978 penny, was near the water gun game located in the outer part of the midway (not the area near the rides but towards the Horse Building). Penny number three ( a 1962 coin) was found by the Roller Boller game that faces the Food Building. The last penny (a 2010 coin) was found when we were heading home, on the road near the fire hall (by kiddie land).

Total finds for the day: 14¢

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vacation Catch Up, Part 3

August 3 was our last day on the Cape. We had breakfast, loaded the car and off we went. We made a stop in Chatham for a bit of shopping. Bit of a snotty town but Jaclyn wanted a sweatshirt and didn't see any she liked in P-town. We went into this one shop that was not over-priced. She found a sweatshirt she liked and a couple nick-nacks for her friends. We stood in line to pay for the stuff and spotted a 2000 US penny. This was the first of my finds on the road trip home.

We drove north through Boston (which was a traffic jam ordeal), heading to New Hampshire, Vermont and final destination for today being Quebec City (one of my favourite cities). We stopped off in Lincoln, New Hampshire for some gas and a pit stop. There were copies of  newspaper clippings in the bathroom about a couple (in 1961) who claim that aliens abducted them. It was this gas station that I found a 1950 penny on the road just outside the gas station office. 

The scenery in New Hampshire and Vermont is beautiful and a lot less stressful than the drive through Boston. And of course, Quebec has it's lovely parts. We checked into our hotel, freshened up and headed to town for some food. We were starving. It was on Grand- Allee Est in front of one of the many restaurants that I found my final and biggest find of the day. It wasn't a coin but a 20 dollar bill (Canadian). When I found it, it was half past midnight and the bill itself was folded many times over hence the reason it was over-looked on the busy dark street. I took a picture of the restaurant the next day as I didn't have my camera with me that night.

Total for the day $20.02

Vacation Catch Up, Part 2

When I'm near the ocean I like to get up early and take a long walk on the beach. I was up around 6:30 which was later than I wanted to be but the tide was out and off I trotted on the shores of Cape Cod Bay.

One never knows what lies on the ocean floor when the tide goes out. I found some shells which made me really happy. I also found a penny in the Bay. Who'd have thought I would have found a penny in the water. It was a little salt covered and salt corroded. The year was hard to make out but it was definitely a US coin.

The next day I didn't find any coins on the streets of P-town, on Race Point Beach or in Cape Cod Bay but I did find a penny in the radiator of our hotel. It was night time and I was sitting on the couch with my daughter watching television. The radiator sits just below the window so I looked over at the window, glanced down and there was the coin. It was a 2005 US dime.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation Catch Up Part 1

The first week of August, the family and I went on a bit of a road trip. Turns out, this was a profitable holiday. It's taken me a while to write about my finds - I was in total vacation and it's catch up time.

We left July 30 and headed south, destination Cape Cod. Saw a TTC bus on the I-90. Wonder where it was going.

We left late and spent the night at a Holiday Inn near Syracuse, NY. The next day we left shortly after breakfast and continued heading east.

We stopped at the Wrentham Village Outlet Mall. I didn't buy anything but my daughter and husband did. While shopping in Under Armour I spotted a penny (2006) near the cash register.

When we finally arrived at the Cape, it was pouring rain. The rain was coming down so hard, it was difficult to see the road. I hoped it wasn't a sign of things to come.

Total find July 31st - 1 US penny.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bin Cent

I was beginning to think that the heat was keeping the coins off the streets and in wallets and purses.

The penny is the little speck to the right of the stain
Monday is garbage day in my area. The recycling collectors were by so I went to the curb to collect the empty bins. I noticed a penny on the road near the bins. Don't know where this penny came from or how long it was there but it was made in 1971.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Subway Street Coin

Today was a gorgeous day. I went for a walk around the block with a co-worker during my morning break. We left our building, headed to King Street and headed east toward University. We were walking on the south side of the street. Near the entrance to the St. Andrew subway station I spotted a 1983 penny.

Can you spot the coin?
Total 1¢

Monday, July 23, 2012


I found a penny a few days ago (on July 20) and forgot to write about my find.

This one was found on my way into work. I crossed Front Street - heading towards Simcoe. On the corner of Front and Simcoe is a parking lot. I've written about this parking lot before cause it seems to be a lucky coin finding lot. Anyway, I was cutting across the lot when I spotted penny lying near a lost blue hair tie. They were lying closer to Simcoe then Front. The lucky find was made in 1983. The penny I scooped, the hair was left behind.

Total for the day was one penny.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Almost Melting

Toronto is hot stuff these days; one step out side your air conditioned building and you feel like you're melting. I went on a quick lunchtime walk today to two different book stops - BMV on Queen Street and Chapters on John Street. I didn't buy any books but I did buy something.

Today was a perfect ice cream day. On my way back to the office, I headed for the ice cream man's truck. In front of 225 King Street by a parking meter I found a 2006 penny. I scooped the penny and then bought a twist. And it was delicious!

Total 1¢ today.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Melting

It was hot today but I'm not complaining. Summer is so short I'm enjoying the heat. It's nice to actually have a hot summer. My summer shoes are getting lots of wear this year.

My day started off well. I got to the train station in plenty of time (no rushing for a change). I got to Union Station - no train delays. When I left the station and headed to the office, I found a 1993 penny by a delivery truck just outside the station doors.

In the afternoon, I went for a walk around the block with a coworker. Near (but not in front of) the Ice Cream Man's truck I found my second find of the day - a 1982 penny.

Total find today: 2¢

Thirteen is my Lucky Number

Friday was the 13th of July and it was a lucky day for me.  During the start of my lunch time stroll I headed west on King Street, walking on the south side of the street. I found a 2005 quarter by a parked car in front of Forget About It restaurant.

Then on my back to the office from my wanderings, I headed south on Peter Street. Just north of Adelaide, on the west side of Peter I found a 1998 penny near a fire escape.

Total find on Friday the 13th: 26¢

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eleven is My Lucky Number

 Today is July 11. Another glorious summer day - sunny, hot and not muggy. The day started off well. Caught my train (with time to spare). I took a leisurely walk from the train station to the office. On Wellington, on the south side, east of Simcoe, in front of the RBC building by a bike post I found my first find of the day - a 2011 US penny.

During my lunch time walk I decided to head east from my office to the Winners/Loblaw/Joe Fresh on the corner of Queen and Portland to window shop. On the way back I headed east along Queen and then south Spadina. On the west side of Spadina, just north of Adelaide, near a tree that had a bike chained to it, I quickly scooped a 2011 dime. (There were many people walking along Spadina so I did have to scoop the dime quickly, before someone beat me to it).

Total find on July 11 - 11¢.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Neighbourhood Coin

What an absolutely beautiful day today was. It was sunny and hot but not humid with a slight breeze - perfect summer's day.  I took my dog for a walk, our usual neighbourhood route. It's a route I've walked hundreds of times only today I found a penny (1970). It was on the sidewalk in front of tree. It looked like it had been there for a long time - surprised I didn't spot it earlier.

Hamilton Cents

On Saturday, we were moving stuff into my daughter's place in Hamilton. She will be starting her second year at McMaster in the fall and has rented a house (in a nice residential area walking distance to the university) with bunch of girls. Stuff has been crowding our garage (and my brother's garage) for months (my brother and his wife were nice and gave her stuff that their son used when he lived off campus). Anyway, on the porch of this house I found two pennies - a 1994 and a 2006.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Profitable Day

Can you spot the coin?
Today was just one of those days: started off a little rough but ended well.  At morning break, I decided I needed a tea (I don't drink coffee) so I headed to the local coffee shop on the corner of John and Wellington and I found my first find of the day - a 2011 penny.

Then at lunch time, I left like a burrito salad (like a burrito but minus the rice and the wrap) and in the burrito place I found a 2010 quarter (I know, 25¢ - can't remember the last time I found a quarter).

During afternoon break, I headed with a co-worker to the LCBO to pick up the latest copy of Food and Drink magazine. On the way to the LCBO (located on the corner of King and Spadina) I found a 2006 US penny. The penny was near a parking lot on King Street that I passed.

27 cents in one day - not too bad.

The Caf Cent

I met a co-worker for lunch today at the Y at Metro Hall. The food there is always fresh and quite tasty. I was waiting for my lunch when I spotted a penny (2007) on the floor by the counter. I snapped the picture of the penny lying on the floor and panicked the caf ladies. They looked at me suspiciously, wanted to know of what and why I was taking a pic. I assured that it was of the lost penny, nothing malicious but I needed the photo for my blog. Not sure they quite believed me even though I showed the penny in my hand. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Road Trip

We went on an adventure this long weekend. My daughter had signed up for a five week French immersion program (through Explore Canada) which meant we had to go on a bit of a road trip to Quebec to drop her off. Her program is at the University of Alberta campus located at La Pocatière (population 4200 located about an hour outside of Quebec City). She will be living in one of the dorm's on campus.  It was a very long trip made longer due to a truck fire just outside of Kingston. That added a little over an hour to our drive.  Then there was another slow down near Montreal where a plane had to make an emergency landing (on highway 20 heading west). This plane was hit by a truck so traffic heading west had to be diverted.  We were heading east and by the time we got there the plane was cleared away (we saw its crumpled mess on the flat bed of a truck) but drivers heading east slowed down to take a look so that added another hour to our travel. Don't know why people can't just take a quick glance and keep going. Anyway, these road mishaps added an extra couple hours to our travel.

One of the pitstops we made (for refuelling us and the car) was in an ONroute in Mallorytown, ON. (I'm sure where Mallorytown is - somewhere off the 401 heading east from Toronto to Quebec). In front of the A&W counter I found a 2008 penny (this was on June 30). 

I didn't find any other coins til the evening of June 30 in Quebec City. We met up with my daughter's friend and her parents in Quebec City where the six of us had really nice dinner in one of many restaurants. We decided stroll around Quebec City after dinner. It was there that I found my second coin of the day, another 2008 penny. Not sure the name of the intersection cause it was dark. 

And the fun didn't stop there. The next day (July 1) we hit the road again - destination La Pocatiere to drop my daughter off. We left her at the University and headed back to Quebec City for more fun and frolic. And guess what, I found two pennies in QC. I found the first one (a 2005 penny) in front of our hotel waiting for my husband. Yes, we stayed at the Delta. Nice hotel - clean, good location, comfy bed. Can't ask for much more.

We strolled around Quebec City, taking in the sites and that's when I found penny number two. It was a 2000 penny on Grand Allee est in front of large tree growing in front of the Cafe Starbucks.  To the left is the picture of the tree. To the right is the coin.. 

The final find of my road trip was found on July 2 - the day we headed back home. We stopped in one of the malls on Rue Laurier. Crossing the road from one mall to the next, I spotted a 1994 penny.

Total road trip finds: 5 cents. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


On my way into work today, I cut across a parking lot. I looked and lo and behold I spot something. It looks like it might be a penny. I pick it up and sure enough it is a penny but given its state, I can't tell you the year or country of origin. This penny has definitely seen better days.

Then on my way home, heading to the GO station, I was crossing Front Street where I noticed a penny on the road, about a foot away from the sidewalk.  It was in front of this building (see left). Can you guess what that building is? (hint it's on the south side of Front St, west of Simcoe)

Total find today 2¢.