Monday, February 24, 2014

Hospital cents

Early this month (February) my mother wasn't feeling well so on Sunday, February 9th, I took her to emergency. She forgets that she's in her 80s and can't do all that she's used to doing and rather than wait for someone to come and shovel her driveway (and she had many offers), she shovelled the light snow that had fallen herself. Her stubbornness resulted in chest pain and a visit to the emergency room.  The hospital decided to admit her. When I was leaving, I found a 2009 dime.

The next day my brother and I went to visit her. They moved her from emergency to a room - more tests were needed. Her room was in a new wing in the hospital. The new wing was quite nice - if you have to stay overnight in a hospital, a new wing is definitely a nice place to stay - cheery looking room. When we were leaving, I found a 2010 nickel and a 2004 dime near the pay station.

In case you're wondering, thankfully she did not have a heart attack; she strained some heart muscles. And the nurses and doctors all lectured her about not shovelling her driveway.

Total find: 25¢ - two dimes and nickel

Sunday, February 23, 2014


One of my daughters attends McMaster University in her third year. She joined the school dance club. On February 8/14, my husband and I drove to Hamilton to take her out for lunch and watch the matinee performance. We went to this great sushi place in Hamilton called August 8. The place was busy, the sushi fresh and delicious.

The recital was held at Sir John A. MacDonald Secondary School. She was in a tap routine in act 2. It was nice to see her dance again. When we were leaving the school, I found a 2009 dime by the back door we used to leave the building.

Total 10

Winter blues

The thing about winter, especially this winter, is that snow makes it really difficult to spot lost coins. This is compounded by the fact that I work in the burbs now and don't have an opportunity to go for lunch time walks like I used. When I do find a the rare coin, I remember to take a photo of it but don't always remember to write about which is why I am playing catch-up yet again.

Back on January 22/14, I was attending a training course at 605 Rogers Road. There's a nice bakery in the plaza. I went there with a friend/coworker during our morning break and found a 2009 dime.

On January 31/14, I went to a Fortino's about a 7 minute drive from my office. In the parking lot I found a 2005 very worn penny.  (I was walking from my car to the store and it was on the ground between my car and the adjacent car). Interesting that I'm still a penny considering they are no longer in circulation.

Total: 11¢