Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Milling about

A couple Sundays ago, a friend and I took a mutual friend out for her milestone birthday. We took her to Sunday Brunch at the Old Mill. They sat us in the sunniest part of
the restaurant which was nice but not so nice. There are no blinds on the windows which means we got to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It also meant the sun was beaming down on us and as the late morning became early afternoon, I started melting (because I had the sunniest seat). Good thing we were finished eating our marvellous meal. 

To work off all those calories we consumed, we decided to take a walk around the premises. We checked out the Old Mill Inn and Spa - fancy smancy. There's a park in the area so we went wandering down there as well. In the park, I found a 2012 dime. Nice to finally find something after this long draught.

Total: 10¢

1 comment:

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