Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Capital City

My husband and I had to drive to Ottawa on a rainy Saturday to pick up my daughter from the university and bring her home for the summer. (We also had to move her out of res and move some of her stuff into her new place - the stuff she didn't need to bring home for the summer). It was a profitable adventure for me.

She seemed to accumulate a lot of stuff during the year and we were out of room in my car. She didn't want to leave it all new place since the landlord was still doing some finishing touches to the place so she was leaving a few things with a friend. In front of his apartment building, stuck in the muck I found a penny. Pennies have been out of circulation for a while so I have no idea how long that coin was stuck there waiting for me to un-stuck it.

Next coin was found at the Odessa OnRoute. We stopped in for a gas fill up and a "restroom" break.

Not sure why they call them restrooms. Not a lot of resting goes on there. Anyway, when we were leaving the OnRoute centre, I spotted a dime (2006) near the exit (or entrance door).

Total: 11¢


  1. That dime was mine, I had a hole in my pocket and it fell out.

    How can I get it back, it was my lucky dime.

    1. How do I know it was your dime? Was... your name on it?

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